Emma Bridgewater Eat Your Heart Out!!!!

Big Sis is old enough to start taking part in arts and crafts now, so I grabbed the chance to take her to the Emma Bridgewater Pottery Café in Fulham before we moved out of London.
I just LOVE this place. You select your pottery, paint them up in your own individual designs, and pick them up a week later, after they’ve been fired. It’s a fab way to create a personal gift for a loved one, or unique accessory for your home.
I’m not sure who was more excited – me, or Big Sis (me!) as we admired all the unfired Emma Bridgewater pottery pieces to choose from. They range from £5.95 for an egg cup, to £49.95 for a large jug. I had my eye on a gorgeous teapot, and a large serving plate, but finally we selected six coffee mugs – perfect Xmas gifts for the grandparents here, and in NZ.
The lovely café manager Vera gave me the plate painting rundown. ‘Pick light colours to start off with, so we can layer over top,’ she explained.
Big Sis set to work, vigorously slapping pastel colours on the cups, turning them upside down, and at one stage wielding a brush in each hand. The paint dripped and smudged and ran all over the place, but that’s exactly what I loved about – every cup was an utterly unique Big Sis creation.
She had a blast, mixing the colours, and occasionally eating the paint (thankfully the paints are all non-toxic, and easily washed out of clothes).
Vera helped to transfer Big Sis’s handprint on to one side, and Lil Sis’s footprint on the other. Then I used some specially cut sponge stencils to make some festive snowflake shapes, and a paint pen to inscribe their names, and the date.
One week later I picked them up, and the kiln had turned the paint into a lovely glossy glaze – a lovely keepsake, and the perfect present too.
The Pottery Café has three studios – Fulham (which has a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater shop right next door) Richmond, and Chessell Pottery on the Isle of Wight. Check out their website for opening hours, and details of the special baby feet painting sessions.
* Below are some pics from Big Sis’s session. You were also supposed to see some photos of the finished mugs but, sadly, they were stolen from my partner’s van last Sunday, as I posted about HERE 🙁

To look on the bright side, at least I have a perfect excuse to go back to the Pottery Café again soon…

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  1. Joni Llanora - November 27, 2010

    What a great project! The mugs are great keepsakes. Happy weekend!

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