Eh??? Which is Which???

Bubs and Baby Doll… or is it Baby Doll and Bubs..?


  1. Mummy Bear - October 1, 2010

    OMG..I agree with The Madhouse, I find that doll a little bit freaky. Bubs on the other hand is just divine 😉

  2. Mummy's Little Monkey - October 1, 2010

    LOL!!! Nearly had a heart attack yesterday because Lucia had buckled it into the baby swing with its legs all twisted in funny directions, and for one terrible second I thought it was the real baby!!!! xx

  3. PhotoPuddle - October 1, 2010

    I’m afraid I agree. That doll does rather freak me out a little!

  4. Leah...Sydney Australia - October 2, 2010

    the baby is gorgeous…..if u think that doll is freaky though…look on ebay under “reborn babies”….now those dolls are scary!!!! so Lifelike it is not funny!!!! (and with the prices to match of course!!!!) vute pic though!

  5. myshorterstories - October 3, 2010

    She is a little freaky, and your Bubs looks a little freaked out by the dolly.
    But Bubs is sooo cute, even w the whites of her eyes showing…..

  6. BECKICKLES - October 4, 2010

    I had to look twice then. My eyes do need testing by the way.

    On closer observation I can confirm that is one scary doll. I would rank it on par with Big Baby from Toy Story 3 and potentially Chucky.

    Becca x

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