My Kid is a Nutter

The little one has always been firmly on the quirky side, and here is the latest photographic proof. 
Yes, she’s walking around with a huge armful of crumpled up newspaper pages. 
Yes, that’s a nappy on her head. She wore it around the house for at least an hour…


  1. Hanzor - September 4, 2010

    Fantastic 🙂 Loving the look!
    Freyja already tries to put ridiculous things on her head, I always have to have a camera closeby to capture the sillyness!
    Hannah x

  2. Alethea Hill - September 4, 2010


    She is well read and is protecting her creative juices from leaking! Very organised!

  3. Babes about Town - September 4, 2010

    Great title and picture. She looks faaabulous darling.

    I actually have photos of Ezra around the same age wearing a nappy on his head. They were born to be mates! As for Jed, he’d feast on all that paper 😉

  4. Cara - September 6, 2010

    Fantastic – we have a nappy hat wearer in our house too – have some hysterical pictures to bring out at her 18th 😉

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