Hide ‘n Seek…

 It’s weird, because I can hear Lucia calling me… but I can’t see her anywhere…

It’s like she’s totally invisible…


  1. BECKICKLESIE - September 12, 2010

    How bloody cute is that! Aren’t they just adorable at times. It’s the little things they do that just make you tingle deep inside, that lovely mummy feeling.

    Bless her!



  2. Michelle - September 12, 2010

    ahhh that is just lovely. Mich x

  3. PhotoPuddle - September 12, 2010

    How cute. I bet she really thought you couldn’t see her.

  4. Mummy's Little Monkey - September 12, 2010

    Beckicklesie; PinkPolkadotAA; Michelle; PhotoPuddle:

    Her latest trick is to pretend to go to sleep and start snoring when she wants to hide. She honestly believes that because her eyes are closed, I can’t see her either!!! LOL!!!

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