Stuff that Bugs Me – a Moaning Meme!!

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Sabina @MummyMatters to complete a Meme on ‘Things That Bug the Sh*t Out of Me’. (Well, she worded it a lot nicer than that, but I’m a bit of an Angry Pregnant Lady™ at the moment…)

Now, normally I don’t like to complain 😉 but let’s just say that the whingeing is coming a lot more easily now I’ve hit the eight month’s preggers mark. In fact, I found myself with so much moaning material, that I decided to whittle it down to one particular area – Public Transport.

I don’t have a car, so these are all scenarios that I’ve personally endured over the past two or three months. Just writing about them has made me so agitated I’ve been forced to take solace in a huge, medicinal white chocolate chip cookie, just to calm my nerves.

So please allow me to begin with ‘Things That Bug the Sh*t Out of Me’ about the London bus service:

People standing in the buggy section, who refuse to move when you get on with an ACTUAL stroller.

Drivers who take off like Lewis bloody Hamilton before you have a chance to put the brake on, so the stroller flies down the aisle, wrenching your shoulders out from their sockets.

Bus drivers who refuse to let more than two buggies on, when the bus is completely empty. Or… ones who do let you on, but don’t warn you that there is absolutely no space and you’ll spend the entire journey trying to stop people slamming their handbags into your baby’s face.

And now ‘Things That Bug the Sh*t Out of Me’ about the London Underground/Rail:

The lack of lifts. Not just for parents, but how are people with disabilities supposed to get around?? There’s no excuse for this lack of facilities in 2010.

People who deliberately rush past you at the tube station so they don’t feel pressured to help you navigate the stairs. Or people who hover behind you as you walk the toddler, drag the stroller, and lug the baby bump on your own, tutting because you’re slowing their journey by five whole seconds.

Young businessmen who pretend to be so totally engrossed in their i-Phones they haven’t noticed you’re heavily pregnant, and therefore don’t have to give you their seat.

This isn’t a moan so much as a baffling peculiarity – men who will pick up the end of the stroller, literally drag you up the stairs, drop the buggy at the top, and walk off – without saying a single word, or even looking at you!!!!! This has actually happened to me a few times, and while I appreciate the help, it never fails to freak me out. Do you think they’re real people, or weird buggy carrying robots employed by London Underground?

So what bugs you about public transport???


  1. Notes to self plus two - August 29, 2010

    Good post, I feel fore-armed as I have only been on a bus once so far with buggie.
    I was surprised how many drunk people were on the bus (it was midday). You seem public property when you are with a baby and that includes drunk people.
    That said, I did take the bus through Dalston.
    As my friend says “drunk people, they get where they are going by bus”.

  2. Mummy Matters - August 29, 2010

    For all of those exact reasons, when I last visited London (at 33 weeks pregnant) I WALKED everywhere because I just couldn’t face public transport with a toddler, a stroller, a changing bag and a baby bump!!

    Great post and I LOVE the new title!! Mine feels very boring now x

  3. Mummy Bear - August 30, 2010

    Oh my…I really struggled on the tube when pregnant. I wore a baby on board badge and this gave me the confidence to ask for a seat..but seriously there was no mistaking my bump. As for taking the stroller on buses and tubes…you are braver than me…I have become a pay and display mum, driving everywhere which is actually completely against my usual attitude!

  4. Kerryonliving - August 30, 2010

    As a heavily pregnant tram commuter in Manchester I used to seethe at the fact that people were so engrossed in their free copy of the Metro news/mobile phone/picking their nose etc that they would not offer me a seat. Unfortunately on the odd occasion when some kind person did offer a seat I would invariably and instinctively come over all British and refuse the offer. Go figure! Good luck with the ever expanding waistline!

  5. Hanzor - September 1, 2010

    I try to avoid buses at all costs, but since getting rid of my car, and the colder weather starting to kick in, I feel I may have to brave one sometime soon.
    I have only been on a bus with my daughter once, and people rolled their eyes because I wasn’t an expert at directing the stupid little pram.
    The other thing I don’t get is, do Taxis taxi people with babies? And if so, do they use car seats? Something I’ve always wondered, but never got round to finding out…

    Hannah x

  6. Mummy's Little Monkey - September 1, 2010

    Note to Self Plus Two: It takes a bit of getting used to, that’s for sure! No drunkards on my bus usually, but had a right weirdo nutter go off at me a few weeks back. That was fun.

    Mummy Matters: Good move! I try to walk as much as poss too, because it’s usually sooooo much less stressful that navigating the public transport system – stairs are my nemesis at the moment!!

    Mummy Bear: Brave, or stupid? The jury is still out!!! Hope all is going well as an offcial ‘Mother of Two’ I’ll be joining you in a few weeks!!!! x

    Kerry on Living: LOL! I’ve done the same thing! Waved them off, saying ‘I’m fine thanks’ when really I’d kill for their seat. Then I spend the rest of the journey kicking myself!!

    Hanzor: It’s actually not as scary as you imagine it to be – spesh once you’ve gotten over your self consciousness and developed a healthy ‘I don’t give a shit if you’re glaring at me, I’ve got just as much right to be on here as you’ type of attitude. I can help you out with your query actually – Black Cabs will take you and bubs so long as they are secured in their stoller. Mini-cabs with car seats can be booked – although you might have to ring around to find a company who offers the service, and pay an extra pound or so.

  7. Deborah - May 19, 2017

    I hate public transport because a lot of the drivers just do not care for their passengers. I have very painful osteoarthritis in my knees and it is a killer to stand during a journey, I have not enough confidence to ask that teen sitting in a disable seat to move, so grin bear and cry inwardly during the journey. Yes it is a fact of life, zooming from 0 – 60 in less seconds than F1 drivers, jolt the passengers, but mind that brake! Again I hope you can hold on..
    then the dreaded phone calls where the person talks loud enough that they really do jot need a phone! Or music blasting from headphones, heaven knows how they still can hear!
    I agree there are no excuses for this type of thing in today’s society!

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