My Twitter Cake – whaddya think?


So, two nights before Big Sis’s birthday party I suddenly realised I had a personalised Roary the Racing Car cake topper – but no actual cake to go underneath it. Now, a circle of coloured rice paper obviously wasn’t going to feed anyone, or support a candle for that matter, and I couldn’t find a ready-made cake that was just the right size. 

And so began a flurry of Twitter exchanges as I desperately tried to work out the most idiot-proof cake I could make. (Please bear in mind that I do NOT usually bake. I only cook dinner by default because my OH is even more useless in the kitchen than me.)

The overwhelming consensus was that a simple sponge cake was the way to go (thanks for all the advice/recipes Tweet peeps!) so I took a deep breath and the next day I went for it. Granted, it was never going to win any beauty awards, but it looked OK, once I’d smeared it with buttercream icing and gingerly placed on the topper. But I still had no idea if it was actually edible. When it came time to serve it up the next day I was, quite frankly, bricking it. 

What if it tasted like shit?? What if everyone felt obliged to eat it, when what they really wanted to do was spit it out, and start retching?

Thankfully the Cake Gods were smiling on me. It was palatable – but let’s just say I won’t be putting Betty Crocker out of business anytime soon. Thanks again for all the advice, and don’t be surprised to see some expect some more desperate, pleading Tweets around the same time next year…


  1. Utterly Scrummy - August 12, 2010

    You did so well! The cake looks fab, good on ya for giving it a go :o))

  2. Mummy's Little Monkey - August 12, 2010

    Utterly Scrummy & She Ain’t Heavy: Awww, thanks! It definitely could have been much MUCH worse!!!1

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