Build-A-Bear Birthday Treat

If you’ve been following Mummy’s Little Monkey then you’ll know that the little one recently celebrated turning the big number 2! We opened her pressies at home on her actual bday, then had a lovely party up at Nanny’s house that weekend.
I’ve been really busy with work, trying to get everything sorted before the Baby Bomb drops in around 6 weeks time, so I also wanted to have a special day, just her and me.
A few months back I was invited to visit one of my local Build-A-Bear stores, but Big Sis was a bit young at the time to really appreciate their haute couture teddy making service. I decided to be a bit cheeky, and ask if the offer still stood… and was thrilled to find it did!
So, last Friday Big Sis and I caught the tube to Wimbledon’s Centre Court shopping mall. I’d actually walked past the store loads of times, but had never really looked inside.
Now the lovely manager Mel took us on a tour, explaining the process as we went.

Big Sis went mad the moment we stepped inside, after seeing all the bright colours, and teddies, and children. ‘Teddy! Teddy!’ she yelled, running around.
First step was to pick a ‘skin’ from the large display. They had everything from traditional teddies, and ponies, to floppy-eared rabbits and limited edition Hello Kitty toys – ranging in price from £8 to £18, to cater for all budgets.

Big Sis’s a bit obsessed with dogs at the moment, so it was a fairly easy to select a fluffy brown dog, which she quickly and aptly named ‘Woof Woof’.
Next Mel managed to prise the empty skin from Big Sis’s clutches and fill him with squidgy stuffing. Older kids can actually help fill the toys themselves, but we let Mel do the honours, and a quick squeeze confirmed when Woof Woof was at just the right cuddle consistency. At the same time she also inserted the next custom extra – a little sound device in one paw that made a barking noise when squeezed. There were lots of different noises to choose from – from giggles, and growls – to one that records your own personalised message. Each ‘extra’ costs a few pounds.
Next Mel added a small satin heart Big Sis kissed before handing over. Lastly, she slipped in a special barcode, so if Woof Woof ever gets dognapped, or runs away, he can be returned to any Build-A-Bear workshops, scanned, and reunited with us again.
Finally we carefully selected a pair of denim dungarees to cover Woof Woof’s modesty, and had his birth certificate printed out. Then he was ready to take home.
End result: one Woof-Woof and one very happy (and tired) little birthday girl.  Thanks again to Mel and the team at Build-a-Bear Wimbledon.


  1. sheaintheavy - August 20, 2010

    as you know, I’m jealous.
    And you’re daughter is adorable.
    that is all.

  2. Ebonie's Mummy - August 20, 2010

    Thats so cuteeee!
    Our nearest build a bear store is in a different state (unless they have one in sydney?) we discovered one in QLD whilst on honeymoon and wished our daughter had been there. your little girl looked like she had such fun.
    : )

  3. Another Goldfish - August 20, 2010

    I love the detail where they add the heart. That’s a lovely touch.

    I never realised the had a barcode in them. If I ever find a lost Build a Bear, I’ll make sure to return him to the store.

  4. Mummy's Little Monkey - August 20, 2010

    Sheaintheavy: I think she’s pretty darn cute, but I’m not very objective…

    Ebonie’s Mummy: I know there’s a store in Westfield, Bondi Junction, but that’s not exactly around the corner from you either! There’s only one thing for it – you’ll just have to plan a weekend break in Sydney!

    Another Goldfish: Isn’t it the cutest? They really involve the child when they make the bear and the staff were so nice and friendly. It was a really lovely morning. They even do kid’s Build-a-Bear parties, which I think is a fantastic idea for when Lucia is a bit older.

  5. PhotoPuddle - August 20, 2010

    I never really considered doing that with my little girl but it does look really fun!

  6. Baby Buggy Boat - August 20, 2010

    I have never heard of Build-a-Bear, what a brilliant idea! We need a barcode finder for Bedtime Buster!

    Glad the Birthday treat was such a success and Lucia enjoyed herself.

  7. Mummy's Little Monkey - August 20, 2010

    PhotoPuddle: It really was a fun morning – I’m already looking for an excuse to take her back LOL!!

    Baby Buggy Boat: Build-a-Bear actually started in the States, so they have loads of stores – you should def check it out when Coco is a bit older. Just read about poor Bedtime Buster and have posted a comment on your site. Thank goodness you found him!

  8. Cheryl - August 26, 2010

    Awww so cute ! Funnily enough, we just went there too yesterday and loved it. Maybe because they’re older but we had to do a whole routine with the hearts !! (see my blogpost here : ) We haven’t tried it yet but there’s also a free online world afterwards where you choose a toy that looks like the one you made and a person that looks like you so that sounds fun. Some people were spending an absolute fortune in there on clothes and stuff !

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