Gidday Mates – S’Meee!!!

This week’s Sticky Fingers theme was Self Portrait – two words sure to strike fear into a woman’s heart. But since the rest of you were so bloody brave, throwing off the anonymity of your blog names & Twitter handles with wild abandon, I could hardly stay hiding behind my teeny profile pic, could I?
So here I am – Mummy, from Mummy’s Little Monkey!! (But you can call me Jax). I’m a huge fan of the ‘hold the camera phone at arm’s length’ style of photography, favoured by bored Mums all over the world. So, here’s me – not looking in the slightest bit cheesy:

This is me & the munchkin enjoying a lazy morning. She’s never been an overly affectionate kid, 
so these rare cuddles are treasured (and immortalised on my camera phone, so I can relive the moment during the long gaps in between).

Finally, here I am freezing my patootie off in the Snow Hotel in Finland. I did a lot of solo travelling before Lucia was born. I loved exploring Europe on my own, doing what I wanted, when I wanted, but photos were a challenge without a travel companion conveniently on hand to wield the camera. 
Hence a pile of fuzzy self portraits of me taken in front of a pile of blurry, indistinguishable landmarks. Just like this one, in fact!!


  1. TheMadHouse - May 20, 2010

    Nice to meet you Jaz. My arms arnt long enough to do those, I tried!

  2. Utterly Scrummy - May 20, 2010

    Hiya! *waves* The snuggle pic is so lovley. Great to see ya. xx

  3. JulieB - May 20, 2010

    Wow, you went to a snow hotel? I would love to do that! Great pics.

  4. Mummy Bear - May 20, 2010

    Great pics….I would say about 95 % of our photo album consists of long arm shots!

  5. Mummy's Little Monkey - May 20, 2010

    The MadHouse: Perhaps you should look into arm lengthening surgery.
    Utterly Scrummy: Hi right back at ya! Nice to put some faces to the names, isn’t it??
    Julie B: It was a great experience – but getting out of bed in the morning was pretty horrific.
    Mummy Bear: If I didn’t take camera matters into my own hands, literally, I’d never have any shots of myself!!

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