funny kid pic - Big Sis shoplifting cute

I took the munchkin to the High Street yesterday while I took care of all those annoying errands that had piled up over the long weekend.

She’s been stuck at home a lot with me recently, while I battled the worst of my morning sickness, so I decided to let her have a bit of a runabout in the local shopping centre.

We went on the obligatory Iggle Piggle ride, then Big Sis spotted the toy store. ‘Ooooooooh!’ she squealed, running towards the doors. I trailed behind her, watching as she grabbed a doll’s pushchair and started wheeling it about.

Big Sis loves playing on the art table at her music class, so I stopped by the art section to pick up some crayons and drawing paper. By the time I turned back around two minutes later, I saw my daughter, her pushchair loaded up with goodies, running full-tilt towards the front door.

She had it piled high with her shoplifted gear – toy cars, tubs of crayons, little cut-out felt shapes. You name it, she was nicking it.

Here is the undeniable evidence of her crimes:

funny kid pic - Big Sis shoplifting

funny kid pic - Big Sis shoplifting 2

I just managed to snag her collar as she reached the doors, and yank her back inside.

Then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to rehouse all her hot goods, and apologising to the miserable shop manager (why work in a toy store, when you CLEARLY don’t like kids?!).

So another of Big Sis’s talents is revealed: she’s a quick, efficient, and totally remorseless thief.

Hmmmmm… actually, she needs some new summer clothes; perhaps I should let her loose in Gap Kids next…


  1. make do mum - April 7, 2010

    I’ll be looking out for her on Crimewatch! Great initiative by using the buggy as a getaway car 🙂

  2. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 7, 2010

    Make Do Mum: You’ll see her mug on one of those grainy CCTV images, probably grinning, and giving the camera the finger!! x

  3. Lindsay - April 7, 2010

    OMG my lil grandaughter is a “tea leaf” How can I show my face in public again 🙂

  4. Lou - April 8, 2010

    It would never stand up in court, she’s too cute.

  5. 'Cross the Pond - April 8, 2010

    Absolutely adorable. I love the shamelessness of it all. The heart wants what the heart wants without apology or payment.

  6. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 8, 2010

    Lindsay: It’s clearly that dodgy Upjohn blood shining through.
    Lou: I agree! Plus, she wouldn’t be tall enough to see over the dock, and would answer all the prosecutor’s questions with: Mummeee, Dadda, Hiya, Bye-bye, and Woof-Woof.
    ‘Cross the Pond: It’s such an uncomplicated approach to life isn’t it? See it, want it, take it. Simples!

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