‘Morning’ Sickness – Pah!!

I know that some women don’t have any sickness at all during their first trimester, and I know (only too well…) that some women suffer terribly. But I’ve never, ever, actually heard of women who only suffer sickness in the morning.
If you ask me, it should really be renamed ‘Starts from the moment you wake up, increasing in intensity until lunchtime, sending you into a coma-like sleep around 2pm, rousing you from aforementioned sleep with a slamming headache, and a spinning stomach, leaving you with a hunger so ravenous you feel like you’re being eaten from the inside out, yet simultaneously giving you nausea so overwhelming that everything you even think about eating makes you rush to the bathroom, finally leaving you exhausted, teary, and wrung out like an old dishcloth by 8pm sickness’.
Or is that too much of a mouthful?
Thankfully, I’m over the worst of it now. I can eat real food again, I can get through an entire day without having a nap, and I no longer start sobbing at random moments during the day.
The worst irony is that, at the time you most need the people around you to be empathetic and understanding, only a few people even know you’re pregnant! The rest probably just think you’re rude, miserable, and a little bit strange.
Did you have a rough time in your first trimester too??


  1. Lindsay - March 29, 2010

    Can’t say I did actually – sorry to hear it was so rough but hopefully the worst is over Jax. Look forward to an update soon – Dad XXX

  2. Nova - March 29, 2010

    firstly congratulations….yes it was named wrongly wasn’t it.
    I was so sick with number 4 for 4 months, it was awful trying to cook for the others.
    I hope you continue to feel better.

  3. muummmmeeeeee...... - March 30, 2010

    I totally agree it should be renamed – during my second pregnancy, my “morning” sickness lasted pretty much from conception to birth – not good! Glad you’re beginning to feel a little better x

  4. Mummy's Little Monkey - March 30, 2010

    Nova: You did so well! I gave up trying to cook, I just couldn’t do it – my partner had to fend for himself, and Lucia ate a LOT of Alphabetti, cucumber sticks, and toast for eight weeks… x
    Muummmmeeeeee: Now I feel lucky just to have only had two bad months!!! How did you get anything done?? All I could do was lie there, and watch the housework/laundry/writing work all pile up around me – which just made me feel worse!!!! x

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